Juraj Thurzo would like it

A bathhouse Aphrodite-Palace has been opened its guests in the town Rajecké Teplice. What claims for services of balneotherapy has brought new luxury accommodation?

Juraj Thurzo would like it

Rajecké Teplice amazes visitors with its pomposity, excellent services, and wonderful hot pools for ten years. The only problem in the town was the accommodation; there was not sufficient capacity. After the opening of the hotel Aphrodite-Palace is a problem solved with high standard accommodation. Let's see at the palace and the spa!

An Aphrodita-Palace was built on the site of the former hotel Veľká Fatra. Hotel of the thirties was not bad, but it had its best years behind it. All who knew the hotel Fatra, you look for the Aphrodita-Palace now. Reception is fortunately in the same place as it was always, but it is more beautiful and splendid. There are everywhere comfortable leather sofas, direct access to the lobby bar and also to the posh restaurant. The floor is from the purple-green marble, the tables are massive and there is the dome in the middle of the restaurant. It would seem that the dome has no purpose... but for two hours I spent in the restaurant of Aphrodite Palace and most guests occupied the tables under the dome, or in the vicinity of the dome. But the staff also attracted your attention. Young waiters and waitresses are dressed in suits from the time when the Hungarian palatine Juraj Thurzo often attended the town Rajecké Teplice. He was treated at rheumatism in a local spa.

Accommodation in Aphrodita-Palace doesn´t fall behind the palatial restaurant; some of the apartments could accommodate the famous Palatine at any given time and he could not complain about the comfort. Actually, he would not even go out of the hotel, after all, what comfort could he have in the years 1604-1616, when he stayed at the spa? And it must be noted that Juraj Thurzo owned the spa Rajecké Teplice!

Balneotherapy must be adapted

Balneotherapy in Rajecke Teplice was on the top compared with accommodation for a lot of years. Balneotherapy offered superior services in a luxury environment. Recently opened Aphrodita-Palace is getting more attention as balneotherapy. (The stainless steel pools, saunas, interiors, massage cabins and baths are still beautiful, but ... we have already seen everything.) There is an imaginary pressure from the guests who want to be surprised with something new and extraordinary... Mr. Peter Lališ, the director of balneotherapy in Rajecké Teplice, does not wait for long glances guests and he has projects ready.  Projects that are not expensive (as rebuilding the hotel Veľká Fatra into the hotel Aphrodite-Palace, which costs € 8,000,000), but the effect in the balneotherapy will bring. The only great pressure for workers can be stress from the fact that have been added 100 new beds in the high standard and the needs all of guests must be met.

Project number one is already in full swing and promises great changes. They want to cancel two large whirpools, and this area (about 100 m²) will be used as the Department of mud wrap. Until this year in Rajecké Teplice did not pay too much attention to mud wraps, but the change is coming. Guests will be able to enjoy mud wraps thanks to new technology which prepares new procedures. But we promised we would not reveal more.

Project number two is full of garden sauna log cabins, which will be built behind the sauna world and they will be naturally follow to the relax room. The project is also underway, but saunas are waiting until the ending of summer.

Project number three builds the summer part of balneotherapy. It means only one thing: the installation of massage centers near the outdoor thermal pool, while preserving the privacy of clients. In balneotherapy should be used also a completely new building which was built in the original park and now it is only a few steps away from the outdoor hot pools.

Juraj Thurzo would also liked it. It is the different to swim in the beautiful pools and in the wooden vats. But he was very happy in vats of hot water.  He had rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica, but that the spa was helping him. It proves this correspondence by Palatine of Hungary in 1616, when he writes: And I, like a sick old man, now I am in good health. Juraj Thurzo was 49 years old in that year.

Who was Juraj Thurzo

Juraj Thurzo was born in 1567. He was the grandson of the Czech knight Nicholas Kostka and the son of his daughter Barbara, who married František Thurzo, the Hungarian feudal lord. Juraj Thurzo was born into a wealthy family and he owned county of Orava, Bytča, Lietavsko (there was the manor Rajecké Teplice). Juraj Thurzo several times led the fight against the Turks and in 1609 he became the Palatine (the highest dignitary of Hungary after the king).

Text: Michael Poláčková

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