A qualified dermatological department should do an effective peeling for skin after summer, says the professor Jana Hercogová, the Head of Dermatological Clinic in Hospital Nemocnice Na Bulovce.

The peeling

We put a lot of money for to have summer bronzed skin by the sea and now we want to get rid of the roughened and dark skin. It is nothing exceptional. This situation repeats cyclically every year and dermatologists are ready for it, smiles the professor Jana Hercogová. Is it true, that the peeling is a panacea, as we often think? We asked a professor for this question.

It is difficult to answer. What is actually peeling? If you mean cosmetic peel commonly available in the drugstore or perfumery, those are not working a lot. People with a sensitive skin cannot stand the peeling, but people with mixed or oily skin like it, because the peeling smoothes their skin.  Unfortunately the desired effect of cleansing the skin fails, because these preparations contain only 12 percent fruit acids.  It is the same like in beauty salons. Beauticians cannot work with the peeling stronger than 12 percent and the final effect is just a pleasant peeling of skin.

But the peeling of skin is still the peeling...

For truly effective peeling is necessary using a high concentration of fruit acids. It is the only way how you can get rid of unwanted pigmentation, enlarged pores and inequality of facial skin. The effective concentration ranges up to 70 percent and to work with such content can only dermatologist. 

But normally we do not know about that...

We don´t know about it, because the beautician don't tell you that the peeling will not be as efficient as you expect. From experience, I know that beauticians don't do sometimes in comply with the regulations and they use the products containing high concentrations of fruit acids. I see it to the state it to us to come the patients after radical beauty treatment. The problem is also impatience and desire for immediate effect, what means rapid deployment of high content of fruit acids for sensitive skin.

So if I want the peeling, I should do it rather gradually.

Yes, you should. The optimal is to start peeling with 30 percent of fruit acids, after week or two to apply the peeling with 50 percent of fruit acids and after next two weeks to apply the peeling containing 70 percent. But it is always necessary to emphasize the different sensitivity of the skin.

What is your opinion on the mechanic peeling?

Each of them is effective. But I have to ask again; what is the mechanical peeling? It usually means the products with crushed almond kernels. We bought them at a drugstore or perfumery and then we massaged them into the face, neck and décolleté. It is not bad, but the effect is not significant. Another mechanical peeling, which is very effective, is microdermabrasion, what means the abrasion of the skin. Unfortunately, this method is not called the peeling. I could mention the laser ablation; the essence of his work is the evaporation of water in the tissue, which peels off from the skin.

If a woman feels that she want to do something with her skin after the summer and she would like to try more radical peeling, she should come to the expert dermatological department.

It is definitely true. It is important that you did not expect a significant effect immediately after the first treatment. I prefer to peel in a few steps. It is really necessary to start with the peeling cream from the drugstore or perfumery and after that to go to your beautician. If it is responsible, so she will recommend the peeling at the specialized dermatological department.

Text: Marta Csontosová

The deep cleansing separates dead cells, it removes fat deposits, narrows the pores, but it also treats of acne and dark spots. The peeling unifies skin tone, hydrates skin, softens wrinkles and scars.  The clinic LaserPlastik led by MUDr. Marta Moidlová offers these services.

It is a treatment with the device Dermolissage-Silkpeel Platinium MD, which is working on patented technology of dermal abrasion. This method separates the layer of dead cells, at the same time there is a dermal infusion. The applicator is equipped with an abrasive surface. It has nozzles supplemented with medical serum.

Treatment is performed either as a cure usually once a week for 4-8 weeks and then just the once a month for the maintenance of effect, or just a once for immediate cleansing.

The clinical dermatological studies did in the USA; the device for Europe is manufactured in the Great Britain.

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