The castle has been opened

Vráž Spa near the town Písek provides a unique tailored service to each of its clients.

The castle has been opened

Vráž spa is surrounded by a 12 ha wide park and there is no need to emphasize the uniqueness of such a place. The spa is actually a little castle with its own medical pavilion. The entire spa is surrounded by greenery. You can find it only if you are searching well and you know what to look for.

Who visits the spa?

Vráž spa treats primarily neurological disorders, musculoskeletal diseases and also multiple sclerosis, which affects mainly people in thirties and it can have really unpredictable development. The spa clients in Vráž could talk about it ... and they are, talking to each other and discussing the condition with staff, they share experiences and exchange advices. According to MUDr. Medová, an expert on multiple sclerosis, from neurological clinic in University hospital Královské Vinohrady in Prague, all of her patients return as if they were born again after a spa treatment in Vráž.  All of her patients are improving by at least two points on a special scale, which evaluates the patient's condition. And the health improvement of patients after spa lasts months.

The Vráž spa was not afraid to start the recovery program, which no spa has ever done. Vráž spa introduced the Walking school; the project which serves to rehabilitate patients after leg amputation. It may sound uncomfortably for healthy man, but for a patient who lost his leg are these feelings irrelevant. (Around 8,000 people per year lose a leg because of diabetes in the Czech Republic.) This patient needs to learn to walk and to live again. He is happy that the spa has opened a program that he particularly needs. The spa has built rehabilitation sidewalks with different types of surfaces (from a solid surface with little rocks to the soft one with sand and fine gravel). The spa works with prosthetics who can mend the prosthesis. God forbid that the spa client has his freshly healed stump scraped. If it happens, then the client has to leave the spa and come back after a few weeks, completely healed. Why the patient has to go home? He can not rehabilitate with injured leg. You cannot do anything at the spa with injured limb.  Who started to rehabilitate patients after amputation of the lower limbs in the Vráž spa? Ing. Veselý, director of the spa, decided for this project after one diabetes congress, which took place right at the Vráž spa, where the diabetic experts complained that the Czech Republic does not have a place with qualified personnel for rehabilitation of diabetic patients after amputation of the lower limbs.  At first there were only diabetics, but gradually the spa extended the treatment also for young people after accidents and injuries.

The spa has well-established rehabilitation program for patients after hip and knee-joint replacements, but the spa has surprisingly high level of organization and management of demanding client rehabilitations as well. The staff takes care of them without problems, as if they were their relatives, whom they naturally help. I saw it with my own eyes.

When you need to relax “only”

There is not much of a difference between the rehabilitation and the relaxation. We do not have to have a serious disease and yet we are not able to be efficient. Our body calls for recovery. Health insurance companies don´t want to reimburse such a rehabilitation, which means we have to reach for our own wallets. Vráž spa is also ready to help the healthy clients. Can you imagine how this small spa can combine the services for ill people and people who need to relax and primarily need a bath and massages?  For this type of guests there are reserved prolonged weekends. The capacity of spa was not enough. It was the reason why the spa has created the program "Happy during weekday." It simply means "weekend" from Monday to Thursday or from Tuesday to Friday. These are mainly used by the pensioners who are able to find a free time in the middle of the week. The price is more acceptable of course. And who wouldn´t want to stay a few days in the castle room? It should be emphasized that there are twenty new rooms. All of the apartments are beautiful; they have a view of the park. This is what it means, when they say: “The castle has been opened”.

The cornerstone of the castle in Vráž was built by Lobkowicz family in 1875. The family built a neo-Gothic castle as a summer residence and they used it until 1926. In that year the Prague auxiliary association bought the mansion to take care of the health of their officers. But after some time, the castle passed under the administration of the Health Insurance Company. The insurance company has built a therapeutic pavilion which is connected with the castle by indoor corridor.  Thanks to a tunnel, all patients and clients are "under one roof". The mastermind of a new sanatorium was Prof. MUDr. Jiří Vítek, DrSc., one of the best Czech clinical neurologists, later professor of neurology at Charles University in Prague. Well thought, well built, everything serves its purpose till today.

Text: Marta Csontosová

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