To keep you busy

Sauna is very healthy if you are following the prescribed regulations: You should drink clean water before the sauna, you should not stay in the sauna for longer than is recommended and after the sauna you have to cool off and relax. But nevertheless the sauna is pretty boring for somebody.

To keep you busy

I belong to the people, who like a sauna only when they are very tired and frozen. Only really tired I can "recharge the batteries" in the sauna. Otherwise, I have to admit, that the heat of sauna is not much fun for me.

In the sauna is generally expected that there will be peace and quiet. We are thoughtful strangely, as if just now it was necessary to solve all our financial problems or conflict in the Arab world. The exception is a closed society; we relax with friends, we laugh or we grumble...

But, now I know, that in the sauna full of unknown people, you don´t get bored. You may even be sorry that the sauna is over. If you are lucky you will know the good sauna rituals. What are the sauna rituals, you may to convince in the Aquapalace in Prague, where the sauna is interesting theater.  The rituals take place every Thursday and Saturday from the fifth afternoon until nearly midnight. Sauna world in Aquapalace had very good architects, in regarding the sauna rituals. Some saunas are pretty spacious and two outdoor saunas have plenty of fresh air (the log cabin sauna and the ground sauna) and there are two hot tubs. The inspiration for the introduction of rituals was found in Germany and according to information from Mrs. Jašová, the sauna rituals will be continued in the Aquapalace. Thanks to introduction of sauna rituals is demonstrably increased attendance in the Sauna world, and also the clients spend more of their time in the Sauna World.

Yogurt, honey, olive oil and Edith Piaf

The first ceremony at six in the evening was not very good fun. The ceremony with hot towels I know from the Austria and Hungary. I recognized quickly that pretty lady is not very professional. At first in the outdoor sauna log cabin, the lady reprimanded us that we do not know to say "Hello". She mastered to expanding hot air towards down, but then she panted because of the heat and the exertion. She "washed our brains"; we forgot to sweat, but outgoing children greeted her and the adults had inhibitions to go away. The whole nervous I was leaving before the end of the ceremonyI forgot to greet people who were with me in the sauna but I greeted the strangers who were waiting on the sauna.  Before I left from the sauna, the lady shouted at me that I have to quickly close the door, so I slammed the heel in the door. These are the reasons why I said "Hello" after the door, but I didn't say "Goodbye" in the sauna.

I was glad that I was breathing fresh air and I had finally really fun. I was laughting for myself and from myself. For half an hour (18.30 p.m.) started the ceremony "Beauty lady" procedure in the bio-sauna. I didn't know that, but it could be only better. Ladies, who were lusting after the ceremony of beauty, were a lot. The mood was very good and the sauna lady Martina was a lovely and very friendly. After about ten minutes, when we were already sweating, each lady got a good dose of beauty mixture into the hands (yogurt + honey + olive oil). We could rub it into the skin of the face, neck, but also on the whole arms, legs and belly...  The piece of the mix left in a stainless bowl, so the sauna lady Martina gave us the mixture of yogurt-honey-olive again. In the sauna, which is blocked for 30 minutes and just for the ladies, we could stay as long as we wantedBut before you enter into other places - especially into hot tubs - you have to shower.

After the shower was followed relax. I noticed a bar. Would you like to drink water, fresh juice, or other soft drinks and fruit salad? The offer is very good, but prices are no slight (1.5 l of water for 55 CZK, 0.3 l of non-alcoholic beer for 23 CZK, 2 dl of fresh juice for 40 CZK). But there were a lot of guests in the bar and it is right. The offer must to meet demand.

When we were rested and refreshed, we went back to the outdoor log cabin sauna. According to the program we should hear the chansons by Edith Piaf and Hana Hegerová in the sauna. It is not imaginable, that in hot sauna will be singing chansons some lady...

The lady came with French charm in a red dress and a hat. She chased hot air with a great fan. She was dancing gracefully, although there was hot. People had a great time and prolonged applause accompanied the lady long after she stopped dancing and put down the hat.

It was fantastic, amazing and relaxing. I sincerely suggest you this experience.

Text: Marta Csontosová

We wanted a general explanation of the sauna ceremonies, so we asked Mr. Paul Hofrichter, who lives for these ceremonies:

The basis of the sauna ceremony is overheated but good ventilated space. In German-speaking countries they call the ceremony – Aufguss which means an infusion. The ceremony consists of water and aromatic essences, which is pouring on the stones. The essences are chosen by the sauna lady, but the client can also choose them. Essences are diverse and they have also different effects. Some of them are designed for relaxation, another for encouragement, some are sweet, and others smell like citruses. Some of them are made from conifers, plants, from different spices or eucalyptus.  There is a great choice of essences, but a magic ceremony just begins here - you can always perceive a slightly different experience.  During the ceremony the water with aromatic essence is pouring on the stones. Sometimes there are spilled even crushed ices or the ice cubes. The sauna lady swirls hot air into the space of the room. There is generally used a towel, a flag or other tools as less traditional fan, which is suitable for smaller saunas. Then the lady speedwell air with a towel - it means rapid flow of steam from the up of room front the face of each participant. Sometimes it can be very intense ceremony, other times it is rather relaxing. The sauna lady usually offers three rounds of pouring the water, swirling hot air and the flowing the steam front of the face. During the ceremony, air temperature does not rise nearly, but the moisture is rising, so there seems to be hotter in the room.

The sauna ceremony can also be prepared especially for children or the elderly. It can be ended with some surprise, as a tea, juice or fruit. It may also contain the peeling with salt. The ceremony can be doing with honey or with clay, with silt or with yogurt. Relaxation ceremony can enrich the tones of Tibetan bowls. Good saunas offer their visitors unique experience thanks to creativity and effort to differentiate themselves. The sauna ritual is good opportunity when it can be explaining the principles of proper sauna.

Special category of experiential sauna is particularly popular in Germany, such as the sauna night. The sauna world (which, unlike most of our saunas corresponds with nature and it has the outdoor part) offers a barbecue, the tasting gourmet specialties, artistic and musical performances, provides a massage or cosmetic samples.

The best sauna is with the use of outdoor space; outdoor sauna or at least a garden, terrace with sauna. Unfortunately for us also today new saunas and wellness centre are placed in the basement or in the buildings. But the sauna and sauna ceremonies should include the opportunity to cool off in the fresh air.

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