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Bad Aussee
Bad Aussee Bad Aussee Bad Aussee Bad Aussee Bad Aussee

Spa town Bad Aussee is situated in Styria, which can be found in the south-eastern part of Austria, near the border with Slovenia and Hungary. Bad Aussee is 161 kilometres far from Graz, the capital of Lower Austria. At the present time Bad Aussee has a population of over 4,800 citizens.

Spa description

Bad Aussee is located in a valley between Dachstein and Totes Gebirge mountain ranges. Local beautiful landscape is an ideal place for spa resort.

Local spa resort offers so called Vital-Bad. It is focused on the treatment of stomach, liver and gall bladder problems. Local water is also good for the treatment of rheumatism and gynaecological problems. 

Short history

Ausee was founded in 1290. Earlier it was salt mining settlement. The history of spa dates back to the 19th century. In 1868 it became spa town and uses the title Bad. In 1911 it received an official status of spa. It used to be a centre of writers, artists and musicians. Gustav Mahler and Johannes Brahms used to visit this place.

Places of interest

Bad Aussee offers a wide range of sport activities. You can play golf or tennis. Besides this you can try cycling, trekking, windsurfing, rafting and horse riding.

Ausee is a good place for food lovers. The town is famous for its gingerbread production, which is one of the biggest attraction of this small settlement in the mountains.

Worth to visit are two Roman Catholic and one Evangelical Churches.

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