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Bad Hall
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Spa town Bad Hall is located in Upper Austria, in the north-western part of Austria. Bad Hall is 37 kilometres far from Linz, the capitol of Upper Saxony. At the present time Bad Hall has a population of over 4,800 citizens.

Spa description

Bad Hall is famous for its curing springs with the highest concentration of iodine in the EU.

Bad Hall can boast modern spa complex called Eurothermen Resort Bad Hall-Therme Mediterrana. You will be surprised by elegant and modern architecture.

Local iodine water springs from eleven springs. Extraordinary healing effect of this water is used for different cures and therapies. It helps with locomotive system disorder, eye and respiratory diseases and limbs vein system problems. The curing water with high concentration of iodine has many beneficial effects which help human body to stay health and beautiful. Great water relaxation combined with sauna will help you to reduce stress. Here you will get rid of everyday troubles.

Short history

The curing power of water spring near Sulzbach creek was firstly mentioned in the 8th century. But the spring, which has high concentration of iodine, became famous in 1811. Bad Hall is the only Austrian spa resort which uses natural iodine water.

Places of interest

Besides therapies there is a wide range of cultural events. For the youngest visitors there is Mini-Mediterrana, which is a special area for children with shallow pool.

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