Bad Vöslau

Bad Vöslau
Bad Vöslau Bad Vöslau Bad Vöslau Bad Vöslau Bad Vöslau Bad Vöslau Bad Vöslau Bad Vöslau

Spa town Bad Vöslau is located in Lower Austria, in the north-eastern part of Austria. Bad Vöslau is 66 kilometres far from Sankt Pölten, the capitol of Lower Saxony. At the present time Bad Vöslau has a population of over 11,100 citizens.

Spa description

Spa town Bad Vöslau is located at the foothills of the huge Vienna Woods highlands, in Vienna Basin. It is located about 35 kilometres far from Vienna. In the surroundings, there are famous vineyards, where they grow good red wine. Bad Vöslau is located on the geological fault, that´s why there is so many thermal springs.

Short history

Since 1924, Vöslau has official status of a spa town. First spa house was opened in 1822. Official opening ceremony of the spa resort took place in 1926. It was very posh ceremony with the presence of regional president M.Hainisch. Another important event took place in 1954, when Bad Vöslau became a town. Local beautiful castle was reconstructed into Town Hall.

Places of interest

Besides thermal springs, you can enjoy visits in local climatic caves.

Temperature of water in Bad Vöslau moves around 26 degrees of Celsius. Entrance fee for adults: all day 7.5 EUR, half day 6.6 EUR. The address of spa resort is: Maital 2, 2540 Bad Vöslau, Austria. There is a lot of attractions for children, including playground, shallow and children. There is also WC, modern swimming pool, excellent saunas, waterfall, tanning salon, tepidarium and infra red sauna. Wide range of energizing massages is essential.

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