Therme Oberlaa

Therme Oberlaa
Therme Oberlaa Therme Oberlaa Therme Oberlaa Therme Oberlaa Therme Oberlaa

Spa complex Therme Oberlaa is situated in Vienna. At the present time, the capitol of Austria, which is located in Lower Austria, has a population of 1,700,000 citizens.

Spa description

Vienna is one of a few European capitals which have thermal spa resort. Local thermal spa resort Therme Oberlaa is situated in the southern part of the city. You can easily get there by car or by public transport. You can also use underground or tram. By underground you have to take line U1 to the end station Reumannplatz. If you prefer travelling by tram, take the number 67.

Therme Oberlaa uses thermal spring which provides 30 litres of water per second and has a temperature of 54 degrees of Celsius. Thermal water contains calcium, sodium, sulphate and sulphide. Thermal spa resort Oberlaa includes also hospital facilities.

Thermal spa resort has two big indoor pool with three whirlpools. Temperature of water moves from 32 to 36 degrees of Celsius. Indoor pools have about 50 massage jets. Both indoor pools are connected to the outdoor pool by a water canal.

Short history

The history of spa industry in Vienna dates back to year 1830. In 1934, a curing spring was explored at the foothills of Laaberg, In 1969, pumping station was built and then they started to built spa resort Oberlaa.

Places of interest

In outdoor pools there are special devices for the listening for music. Kneipp massage, which uses the principle of cold and hot massage, is available here.

Spa resort also includes children pool with slide, tanning salon and water park. Spa resort Oberlaa also offers different types of sauna. Don´t forget to visit local huge park, which is very beautiful.

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