Donja Stubica

Donja Stubica

Spa Donja Stubica is located in the Krapina - Zagorje County, which lies in the northern part of Croatia. The capital of the county is Krapina. Spa Donja Stubica is located about 33 kilometers to the south from Krapina. Currently, about 2200 inhabitants live in the city of Donja Stubica.

Spa description

Spa area in the town of Donja Stubica is called Terme Jezercica. Jezercica Terme is a modern complex, which covers an area of 2800 square meters. There are four pools for recreational swimming. In the thermal bath complex you can find attractions for children, but also many interesting attractions for adults. Adult visitors of the local spa area can enjoy, for example, the hydromassage effects or nice panoramic saunas with magnificent views of Mount Sljeme.

The spa town of Donja Stubica is located in quiet surroundings near the Medvednica Nature Park. The local natural thermal water temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius. Warm spring is in the midst of an extensive spa area and flows through the accommodation complex.

Short history of the spa

The first historical mention of the Donja Stubica village dates back to 1209. According to the written record from 1334, Donja Stubica was center of the local district. Over time it grew into very prosperous city, which regularly organizes markets and flourish folk crafts. Building a modern thermal spa resort gives the town more opportunity for growth and economic prosperity.

Spa attractions

Jezercica Terme offers a large selection of western and eastern holistic techniques of traditional treatments that are applied in skin care. In the modern spa area there are four convention halls and hotel, which has forty five rooms. For lovers of sport – available are tennis courts, tables for table tennis or beach volleyball courts. The hotel also offers sightseeing balloon flights or mountain bikes for rent.

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