Istarske Toplice

Istarske Toplice

Spa Istarske Toplice is located in the Istria County (the northern part of Croatia). The capital of the county is Pazin. Spa Istarske Toplice lies about 32 kilometers to the north from Pazin.

Spa description

Spa Istarske Toplice is thermal spa, located in the northwestern part of Istria, in the picturesque valley of the river called Mirna. The spa resort has a total of 350 beds and two apartments. Moreover, there are still 48 beds which are available in modern restored and repaired the house called St. Stjepan.

The local thermal water contains fourteen different elements. The water temperature varies between 32 to 34 degrees Celsius. The thermal water has sulfuric character, which appears to have a slightly stimulating radioactive character. The sulfur content in the water is 33-38 mg H2S/kg. Local water also contains sodium, calcium and chlorine. The spa also features a modern health wellness center that covers an area of 1500 square meters. In the wellness center clients can use a nice 25 meters long pool, pool for children, modern fitness studio, five different saunas, and relaxation and massage rooms. The spa offers some attractive wellness packages designed to enhance your health and remove the excess burden and stress.

Short history of the spa

First analyzes of the local water were carried out in 1858. After it was discovered that the water contains active elements, the first baths were built and known in the past as the Thermal baths of Saint Stephen.

Spa attractions

The composition of the local thermal water is especially suitable for those who suffer from rheumatic problems or degenerative diseases. The local mineral water is also very good for those who have gynecological diseases or problems with the upper respiratory tract.

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