Spa Ivanic-Grad is located in Zagreb County, which lies in the northeastern part of Croatia. The capital city of the county is Zagreb. Spa Ivanic-Grad located approximately 42 km to the east from Zagreb. Currently, there live around 14,500 inhabitants int the town of Ivanic-Grad.

Spa description

Spa in Ivanic-Grad is called Naftalan. This spa is quite atypical in a way, as the treatments there use mainly naphthalinic therapy that is very effective for skin problems and diseases. In particular, it treats psoriasis, burns and various types of dermatitis. Naphthalinic therapy is done with baths in the tub and lasts twelve to fourteen minutes. In this bath, the client is immersed in the level of their arms to naphthalene oil which has temperature of 34-38 degrees Celsius. After that, the client completes a twenty-minute irradiation by Solux lamp.

There are also other types of interesting treatment methods – electrotherapy and phototherapy. Phototherapy is a scientific method that has been successfully used to treat depression and sleep disorders.

The spa area features a swimming pool with salt thermal water, steam and Finnish saunas, pools, whirlpool, fitness center and a variety of massages.

Spa Naftalan is a member of the European Spas Association (ESPA), which brings together the best spa and health centers in Europe.

Short history of the spa

The spa was opened in 1989. Currently, there are 111 beds available in the rehabilitation center.

Spa attractions

The spa area of Ivanic-Grad includes completely modern facilities for sport and active recreation. You can play there, for example, bowling, football, table tennis, tennis or handball. We also recommend to visit the town of Ivanic-Grad, which is worth seeing especially because of St. Peter's Church located in the middle of the historical town buildings.

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