Sutinske Toplice

Sutinske Toplice

Spa Sutinske Toplice is located in the Krapina-Zagorje County, which lies in the northeastern part of Croatia. The capital of the county is Krapina. Spa Sutinske Toplice is located approximately 16 km to the southeast from Krapina.

Spa description

Spa Sutinske Toplice is not so large thermal spa, located at an altitude of 170 meters above sea level. Spa has weak-radioactive sources that are very rich in minerals. The water contains mainly calcium and magnesium. The spa offers mud baths, which have a very beneficial effect on the human body. Mud baths are particularly effective especially against inflammation, so it is suitable for all patients who suffer from skin diseases. Mud baths also beneficial to the motion apparatus. The spa area includes only outdoor pools.

Short history of the spa

Spa Sutinske Toplice is known for its beneficial effects since the 13th century. Currently, it attracts spa tourists mainly for its quiet location, which ensures peace of mind for treatment and relaxation.

Spa attractions

Sutinske Toplice Spa is set in the picturesque countryside of this region. The spa is surrounded by gentle wooded hills which create a beautiful background.

Near spa Sutinske Toplice there is an interesting village named Belec, which has at its cadastre two very old monuments – Romanesque church of St. George. In this very old church are preserved valuable frescoes and a Gothic altar. Another important church in the village is the church of Our Lady of the Snows, which was built in 1674. It is a jewel of Croatian Baroque architecture. The richly ornate interior is dominating together with the magnificent main altar, which is decorated with cherubs and saints.. Belec village is located in the wooded hills of Zagorje.

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