Sveti Martin

Sveti Martin

Spa Sveti Martin is located in the Medimurje County, which lies in the northeastern part of Croatia. The capital of the county is Čakovec. Spa Sveti Martin is located approximately 19 kilometers to the north from Čakovec. Currently, just over 2,900 inhabitants live in Sveti Martin.

Spa description

Spa Sveti Martin is located near the river named Muri, which along with its flow inhabits a large number of amphibians, fish and marsh birds. In the vicinity of the river there are extensive meadows and small woods, perfect for a large number of high and low wild animals.

This beautiful region almost hides the modern thermal spa named Sveti Martin na Muri. Completely modern Spa Golf Hotel was recently opened in the spa area and offers spa services at the highest level. There is also a spa wellness center that offers a wide range of health and beauty treatment. The clients of this center have full access to the hotel sauna and adjoining pools. The wellness center offers a variety of massage and chromotherapy treatments. There is also a nine-hole golf course, which has got well-adjusted and heated artificial turf.

The local thermal water (43 degrees Celsius) is very rich in sodium bicarbonate.

Short history of the spa

The local mineral water was found completely by accident while searching for oil in 1911. The spa itself was founded in 1936, when the first wooden swimming pools were formed here. In 1996, there was a united modernization and renovation of the spa running in Sveti Martin.

Spa attractions

The big attraction is definitely the local auna World, which offers a large variety of saunas. You can visit here, for example, bio sauna, Finnish sauna, Turkish sauna or Roman sauna. In the world of sauna you can also order so called Kneipp therapy, which is a leveling bath: the client gradually enters baths of alternating temperatures. This procedure will improve blood circulation and metabolism in the body.

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