Tuheljske Toplice

Tuheljske Toplice

Spa Tuheljske Toplice is located in the Krapina-Zagorje county, which lies in the northeastern part of Croatia. The capital of the county is Krapina. Spa Tuheljske Toplice is located approximately 18 kilometers to the south from Krapina. Currently, there live little over 250 inhabitants in the village of Tuheljske Toplice.

Spa description

Spa Tuheljske Toplice is thermal spa, which disposes of slightly radioactive water. Local springs reach temperatures up to 33 degrees Celsius. The main treatment method is represented by therapeutic pine mud baths that very effectively and efficiently helps in the treatment of injuries of bones and joints, rheumatic diseases and various inflammatory gynecological and urological conditions. The local thermal water, among other things, contains calcium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, hydrocarbon, chlorine and has an important influence on maintaining and improving fitness and health. The spa is also widely used for rest and recreation in general. Annual attendance of the spa goes around 350,000 tourists.

Short history of the spa

Like most of the Croatian spas, mineral springs at Tuheljske Toplice have been discovered at the time of the Roman Empire. The largest spa boom, however, are still on the run, because recently the entire spa area expanded and modernized.

Spa attractions

Currently, the spa area provides four modern outdoor pools. One of the outdoor swimming pools is equipped with a sophisticated system of artificial waves, so the visitors shall feel there like in the ocean. The second large outdoor pool is also very modern and attractive - you will find there is a big water slide. The pool with warm water would be probably most suitable one for those who want to rather relax. It includes hydro and air massages on a special underwater beds. Children will certainly come into their own in the waterfalls and geysers that are in the middle of the pool.

The outdoor pools are connected with a "River", which is 250 meters long. In this "river" you can slowly float on an inflatable mattress and enjoy the local water park. For smaller children there is a small pool, which is filled with various toys floating on the water. The second pool will provide a paradise to older children, because there you will find four slides and two water cannons.

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