Spa Bělohrad is located in Hradec Kralove region, which lies in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. The distance of this town from the regional city Hradec Kralove is 35km and the population is around 3,700 people.

Spa Description

This spa is mainly oriented in treating the muscular dystrophy so this spa is mostly suitable for people who have rheumatic diseases, arthritis, back pain, post-traumatic and orthopeadic surgery. The spa has a very good reputation not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe, as they are the owner of a number of international certificates such as German certification from Munich.

Short history

Spa treatments in the local spa town began in 1888 thanks to a very wealthy Prussian Countess Anna from Asserburg, who demonstrated the cure of the local peat.

Places of interest

Bělohrad is a wonderful place mainly thanks to surrounding forests. The area has plenty of hiking trails, so every visitor who likes tourism, will be thrilled.

The spa town offers a very rich relaxing and physical activities. You can visit the local wellness, play golf or tennis. Recently there was a luxury spa resort built, in which you will definitely experience superior service and ideal conditions for relaxation.

The most interesting and visited historical sites are Romantic Castle Pecka and town Horice which is famous for its tradition of sculptures and stonework.

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