Cvikov spa is situated in the Liberec region, which lies in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic. Cvikov, with population over 4400 people, is about 35 kilometres far from Liberec, the region’s capital.

Spa description

Cvikov spa is located about a kilometer far from the village of the same name. Children and youth only are treated here. The Children’s Sanatorium Cvikov specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases with the emphasis on chronic pneumonia and its consequences. However, the spa also helps patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis or different allergies that affect breathing.  The sanatorium provides post-surgery treatment, too. The treatments are adapted to meet the needs of particular patients, who usually stay in the spa for several weeks.

Cvikov spa profits from very healthy air of the area, which contributes a great deal to the treatment of respiratory diseases. The treatments provided by the spa include breathing exercises, inhalation, cold water bathing and the use of sauna.

Short history

The idea of founding a spa in Cvikov dates back to 1908, when it was decided to build a tuberculosis sanatorium in here. An estate near the Calvary was chosen for this purpose and the building of the sanatorium had been finished by the end of 1910. A restaurant was turned into spa’s headquarters and office building. The Emperor’s advisor and a renowned doctor called Horner became the first head of the sanatorium.

Places of interest

The spa cooperates with local schools and their children in order to provide classes for the patients.

The whole complex is surrounded by a vast forest park, where children can play. Different competitions are organized for them here, as well. Children spend a lot of time outside, as different outdoor activities are the essential part of the treatment. In summer they are encouraged to run and exercise, in winter, they can ski. In case of bad weather, children can stay in a modern indoor sport center with slides and climbing frames.

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