Františkovy Lázně

Františkovy Lázně
Františkovy Lázně Františkovy Lázně Františkovy Lázně Františkovy Lázně Františkovy Lázně

Františkovy Lázně (Frank’s Spa) is situated in Karlovy Vary region, which is located in the west part of Czech Republic. The population is around 5,700 people.

Spa description

This spa town is amongst the biggest spas in Czech republic and it is word-wide known. Right in the centre of Františkovy Lázně and its surroundings you can find a fine and powerful Alkaline mineral springs. At the moment, there are 24 of them from which 12 springs are used for bathing, drinking and inhalation. Very unusual is existence of CO2 dry springs which are used for “spa gas baths ”.

Another significant resource is Sulphur-ferric peat. Both of these natural resources have been successfully used for treating Cardiovascular diseases or Muscular dystrophy. The capacity is 3,500 beds.

Františkovy Lázně is surrounded by many woods and parks which are ideal for pleasant and romantic walks. The classic architecture, quiet area and fresh air makes this beautiful town a treasure of Czech Republic.

Short history

Františkovy Lázně is one of the oldest spa towns in Czech Republic. It was established in 1793 by Austrian Emperor, Frank. In the past, this Spa town was visited by many famous people such as J.W. Goethe, J. Strauss, Ludwig van Beethoven, F. Kafka, Czech writer B. Nemcova, Czech ex-president V. Havel and many more.

Places is of interest

In 2005, a complex called “Aquafor” was built where you can find three indoor and three outdoor swimming pools with whirlpools, toboggans and slides. Furthermore, you can enjoy the facilities of a water cave, a water wall massage and air massage benches. The centrum also includes thermal springs, saunas, a beach volleyball, children‘s playgrounds, aqua shops and snack-bars. It is open daily from 9am to 9pm.

People who are not interested in swimming can enjoy busy culture programs which are mostly held in each individual sanatorium. You can choose between concerts of classic music, various interesting lectures, pantomime performances, fashion shows and dancing evenings.

If you are interested in sightseeing, you can take a tour of the town with a professional guide. There is also a big information centre in Františkovy Lázně called “Frantisek” where you can buy tickets to various town activities and performances including tickets to the local “Bozena Nemcova Theatre”.

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