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Hodonín is based in the South Moravia region, which is located in the southeast part of Czech Republic. The population of this spa town is over 25,000 people.

Spa description

The main natural healing resource in this spa town is iodine-bromine water called Solanka. This water is one of the most valuable in the European Union. The reason is that Solanka consists of a high volume of iodine salt with low mineralization. Because of this, we could almost compare this mineral water to the Dead Sea water. Solanka has marvellous healing and regenerative effects. The water is extracted from 2km deep bores which are the deepest bores in Czech Republic.

Spa Hodonín is definitely a good choice for people who want to receive an excellent and very professional overall body treatment. During your stay in this spa, you will be taken care of by extremely trained specialists. Healing treatments are based on very modern techniques and methods which are guaranteed to improve your health condition. The overall spa area is not too big and all of the treatments are done „under one roof“.

Short history

Hodonín and its surroundings are famous for oil production and natural gas. In 1950 local oilmen discovered that the underground water contains far too much iodine. This discovery initiated long-term research into the effect of this water on the human body.

People who were injured during the Second World War and who suffered from bones injuries or muscular dystrophy were amongst the first to be treated here. The healing results were found to be really successful.

Consequently in 1970 it was decided that further research into this underground water should be done more thoroughly, as it was believed that there might be even more powers in this water. It has been done by the prestige Research Institute based in Marianske Lazne. After treating and healing over thousands and thousands of patients from the whole of Czech Republic, it was decided that a local spa would be built in Hodonín town. This spa was opened in 1979.

Places of interest

During the stay at this spa town, you can take a part in many social and culture programs. Spa sanatorium in Hodonín usually invites plenty of guests and famous people from Moravian Slovakia. Most of the performances are based on folklore and dulcimer music. Other forms of entertaiment include dancing, classic music or theatre acting. Furthermore the spa guests can visit an outside theatre which is based in the spa area or they can take plenty of tours to many little amazing historic villages and towns.

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