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Jáchymov is located in the Karlovy Vary region with the population of 3,300 people. This spa town is situated at an attitude of 650 metres above sea level therefore the climate is submontane.

Spa description

Jáchymov is an old historic town. It is located right in the middle of the stunning and charming Ore Mountains. Natural resources are local radioactive thermal springs with a temperature of  28 Degrees Celsius and plenty of rare elements such as cesium, titam, tantal, berylium, vizmut but most importantly, radium. It is very rare and unusual to be able to find similar type of springs anywhere in the whole world. These types of springs are very useful and effective for curing rheumatic disorder.

Short history

The very first sanatorium was built in 1911 where long conduits (pipes) were built directly from the uranium mines. Due to excellent curing results, it was decided to that a Spa Hotel called Radium Kurhaus (now called Radium Palace) was to be built. The hotel has been open to the public since 1911 and at that time it was one of the most up to date buildings which provided exemplary care for the visitors. Therefore, mainly people from the business industry would be able to afford frequent visits to this Spa. In 1930, there were many more Bed & Breakfast and Spa Hotels built which helped to accommodate around 9,000 people every year. For this reason, the Radium Spa town became world known. In addition “Academic Behounek health institute” was opened  in 1975 which at that time was a very stylish and progressive sanatorium.

Places is of interest

Jáchymov town can be very proud of a modern and multipurpose pool which is part of a complex called “Aquacentrum Agricola”. This water centre offers a rehabilitation pool, a Kneippuv pavement, pleasant outdoor terracing, toboggan slide ideal for children, sauna, steam box and a small swimming pool with an attractive waterfall, particularly to toddlers. This huge complex also includes a cozy cafe, a salt cave, a massage room, and a cryotherapic cabin among other impressive features. If  you feel like doing something more physical, you can join Nordic walking lessons with a trained instructor. The Aquacentrum Agriola is open daily until 9 pm.

Spa Jáchymov offers many different activities throughout the whole year. For example, in March you can watch untraditional sled dog racing, April is a month of “Potter Ore Market ” which is perfect for everyone who likes anything to do with Ceramics. May offers us a Folklore Festival called “Opening of Jachym‘s Stream Windmills” and during the summer holiday we can enjoy many music performances and concerts at “Jachym‘s Culture Summer Festival ”.

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