Is based in Olomouc region which is located in the northeast part of Czech Republic. The population of this town is around 11,000 people.

Spa description

This spa town is famous for its hydrotheraphy which is very useful for curing muscular dystrophy and respiratory diseases. This therapy is usually combined with quiet and restful activities such as relaxing walks in the divine nature of Jeseník.

Furthermore, you can undertake lots of different types of massages and other wellness procedures.

There are altogether 80 different springs around Jeseník. Some of these springs have little monuments built next to them. The most famous ones are the Morning, Mecklensburk, Wienna, Finland and Siblings springs.

Short history

Jeseník has been established in 1822 where the first hydrotheraphy sanatorium was opened. It was also the first hydrotheraphy place in the whole world. The spa has been founded by Vincenz Priessnitz. He built a rock building with basic timber vats which were repeatedly filled with cold and warm mineral healing water.

Places of interest

A very interesting place around Jeseník is „Water Tower“ which was built in  15th century. Since that time it has been rebuilt a couple of times; in 1727; after a great fire, it was completely reconstructed and changed into castle. From 1932, this castle has been used as „Jeseník Homeland Museum“.

Other appealing attractions in the town are St. Marie Church of the Assumption from 1882 and Renaissance Town Hall from 1610.

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