Karlova Studánka

Karlova Studánka
Karlova Studánka Karlova Studánka Karlova Studánka Karlova Studánka Karlova Studánka Karlova Studánka Karlova Studánka

Karlova Studánka (Charles Fountain) is located in the Moravian-Silesian region, which is situated in the northeastern part of Czech Republic. This North Moravian spa village has over 200 people.

Spa description

Karlova Studánka is a pleasant and modern spa which is located in the middle of fascinating nature called Jesenice. This place and its surrounding has the  cleanest air in Central Europe. The reason for this is the location, as this village lies just on the eastern side of the highest mountain called Praded. Around the whole spa village is a flowing mountain stream called „White Opava“. You can also find many incredible waterfalls in the local woods. Because of its exceptional location and healing climate, Karlova Studánka is the perfect place to treat people with respiratory illnesses, chronic inflammation of the throat, vocal cords, nose sinuses, lungs, bronchitis and brinchial asthma. The spa at Karlova Studánka is also suitable for treating physical disorders such as joint or spinal problems, high blood pressure and vascular cancer diseases.

Short history

The history of this spa dates back to the 18th century. Karlova Studánka was established in 1780 by Emperor Maximilian-Francis II. who was Maria Theresa’s youngest son. Charles Fountain was named after the famous Karl Habsburg a commander who defeated French Emperor Napoleon at the Battle of Aspern in 1809.

Places of interest

A very attractive place to see is the artificially constructed Waterfall on the White Opava river. In the upper part of the spa town is an interesting geological exposures of rocks and stones from the Jeseniky mountains. If you go further, you find St. Hubert wooden chapel. For religious people we recommend a visit to the Roman Catholic Church called Our Lady Marie.

People interested in Czech culture can visit plenty of cultural events and performances which are held in the Spa house called „Libuse“.

For sport lovers there are plenty of hiking paths. For example the White Opava trail that leads from the spa area towards Praded. This trail can also take you to a tourist cottage called Barbora. Another great touristic spot is a castle called Sovinec, which is approximately 33km away from the spa area.

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