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Karlovy Vary
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This Spa town is situated in Karlovy Vary region which is located in the west part of Czech Republic. The population is around 53,000 people.

Spa description

Karlovy Vary is the biggest and most significant Spa town in Czech Republic. It has been in existence for hundreds of years and it is recognized as one of the most traditional Czech spots. It is not only the most famous spa town, but it is also at the centre of Czech culture.

The healing source is based on usage of very rare bicarbonate-sulphate-chloride thermal water and sodium-bicarbonate-calcium mineral water. The mineral hot springs jet from 2000-2500 meters deep and their temperature is between 41-73 Degrees Celsius. The springs consist of 40 different, very rare elements. Karlovarsky (Carlsbad) mineral water is mostly used for drinking purposes which is the main reason for healing. This significant water is helping people who have overweight problems, diabetes or gout problems, metabolic disorders, pyorrhoea or muscular dystrophy. The sanatorium buildings are very modern, suitably equipped for health purposes, accommodation and social culture.

The spa location which is based by little river Tepla (Warm), is very beautiful and delightful.

Short history

Karlovy Vary was established in 1358 by a very famous Czech King Karl IV who had  hunting lodge built here. Spa town has previously been visited by many very famous people from business, art and politic areas.

Places of interest

Karlovy Vary is famous for holding the prestige annual International Film Festival. It is also well known for its products such as Becherovka liqueur, Moser Glass and Traditional Spa round biscuits.

This town has plenty of historic monuments and buildings. It is worth mentioning the St. Mari Magdalena church from 1737 and Orthodox St. Peter & Paul Cathedral from 1898. Other astonishing historic places are Greekcatholic St. Ondrej cemetery church from 1500 and interesting St. Linharta ruins from 13th century. Close by the town are several viewing towers which offer views of the beautiful surroundings and the whole Spa town. One of them is “Diana Viewing Tower” from 1914 or famous tower with “Kamzik” sculpture.

There are also lots of sports activities on offer here, particularly Golf. The most popular golf spot is “Golf Resort Karlovy Vary” which is only just 5km away from the city. This resort is used for prestige European tournaments. After a full day of golf, you can relax at the local leisure centre.

Another popular sport is horse riding. The local racecourse was established in 19th century. The course has been re-opened recently and the owner is planning to incorporate the stadium into the Karlovy Vary Film Festival program.

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