Karviná – Darkov

Karviná – Darkov
Karviná – Darkov Karviná – Darkov Karviná – Darkov Karviná – Darkov Karviná – Darkov

Darkov Spa is located in Karviná town which is a part of Moravian-Silesian region. The population of Karviná is over 58,000 people.

Spa description

Darkov mainly specializes in treating neurological and muscular dystrophy, but also in healing burns.The main healing natural resource is bromine-iodine water called Solanka. This spa town offers the patients and guests modern rehabilitation, which contributes significantly to effective treatments. The extensive spa complex also consists of saunas, swimming pools, baths, massages and a unique Polarium.

Short history

In 1862 Darkov area was opened for mining coal. However, the attempts were unsuccessful, but instead of coal deposits, seawater was found.

The then area owner, Baron Bees, decided to build a local spa. This was done in 1866 and the very first spa building was named Paradise Spa.

Places of interest

Outside of the Darkov complex, there are plenty of interesting and historic places to see. In one part of Karviná called Frystat, you can admire the church, which bears the name of the Holy Cross. In this church complex, you can also find  „Moravian Chapel“ from 1611 where a unique cycle of murals from 15th century were found. These are scenes from the Passion cycle of St. Catherine and Barbara.

Another historic landmark is the Castle Karviná from 18th century which was built in the Empire style. In this castle you can find the remains of original Gothic elements and beautiful ceiling paintings.

Another place worth visiting is the Empire Hall along with the Renaissance tower of the 16th century.

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