Klášterec nad Ohří

Klášterec nad Ohří

This spa town is located in the Usti region, which lies in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic. Its destination from the regional city Usti nad Labem is 85km and the population is over 15,000 people.

Spa description

The expert analysis of the local springs assessed that the mineral water used either as drinking cure and hydrotherapy procedure is very suitable to relieve chronic problems such as accelerate recovery from surgery of the urinary and digestive system.

There are three mineral springs in Klášterec spa, which are located in the beautiful spa park called Kyselka. First spring, called Eugenia, is 12m deep. The second spa spring is 120m deep and its name is Klášterec. The third source is called City and it is 90m deep. The local mineral water belongs to the group of cold, mineralized, sodium acidulous springs. Due to the content of free carbon dioxide, the mineral water is gently sparkling and has refreshing taste. The drinking cure has a neutralizing effect on gastric acid, stimulates digestive juices and bowel function. The effect of the local mineral spring is diuretic, especially ideal to reduce blood uric, acid levels and prevents from kidney stones. It strengthens the metabolism, therefore is very suitable for people who suffer from diabetes and obesity. Swimming and bathing in this mineral water works well oin high blood pressure and is used to prevent from blood circulation problems.

Short history

The foundation of this spa dates back to 18.5.1881 when a local farmer Fickert figured out that the water in his well has a very sour, yet pleasant taste. Subsequent analysis confirmed that the mineral water has a high content of carbon dioxide. Not long after, this minreal water gained a high popularity and started to be frequently used not only by the local people but by visitors from nearby surroundings.

Places of interests

The surrounding of this spa consists of wonderful natural landmarks such as beautiful castle park and castle ruins Sumna. The spa is situated in beautiful and peaceful nature with romantically flowing river Odra. The castle park was created in 17th century by Michael Osvald Thunn. In this magnificient park you can also find a castle and a porcelain museum.

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