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This spa town is located in the Moravian-Selasian region which lies in the north-eastern part of Czech Republic. The population is over 4,000 people.

Spa Description

Klimkovice is located at the foot of the Lower Jesenik mountains and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, which provides all visitors and patients with fresh, crisp air. The spa provides a great level of treatment. The main natural healing source is iodine-bromine water „Solanka“. Spa Klimkovice focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, gynecological disorders, neurological diseases and also vascular disease.

Short history

The history of this spa dates back to the 1950, when the local coal-mining district of Ostrava conducted expert geological research. During this research, there were several 300 metre deep boreholes made which uncovered saturated water. Analysis of the water revealed that it had a high mineral content, particularly iodine and bromine. It was also founded that this spring has the highest content of bromine and iodine in Europe. This amazing discovery gave rise to the establishment of Klimovice spa. Baths were built in 1991 and it was opened for public in 1994.

Places of interest

The spa town is very popular because of its good location. It is not too far from the regional town Ostrava, which is the third largest city in Czech Republic.

Klimovice offers a great range of leisure and sport activities. If you like sightseeing and history you can visit the museum in Klimovice, which was established in 1953. You will see interesting exhibitions of various nature collections, famous Czech artists‘ paintings and writers‘ workshops.

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