Konstantinovy Lázně

Konstantinovy Lázně
Konstantinovy Lázně Konstantinovy Lázně Konstantinovy Lázně Konstantinovy Lázně Konstantinovy Lázně

Konstantinovy Lázně is located in Pilsner region which lies in the western part of Czech Republic. It is not too far from the county town Pilsner and it has around 900 inhabitants.

Spa description

Konstantinovy Lázně have exceptional healing water, as detailed chemical analysis found out that this spring contains the highest maximum content of free carbon in Czech Republic. Moreover this spa lies in a very interesting area, which is filled with wonderful historical monuments.

Konstantinovy Lázně specializes in the comprehensive diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular  diseases. Spa is good place to go if you experienced myocardial infarction, cardiac surgery or varicose vein thrombosis. It is also ideal for people suffering from muscular dystrophy, metabolic and respiratory tract. Spa uses mainly natural healing resources which is the special mineral water. It can be used as bubble bath or as drinking cure. In addition to these treatments, you can also undertake electrotherapy, paraffin wraps, inhalation, oxygen and various types of massages. The Spa complex is certainly large, but yet it holds family character so during your stay you feel like you are at home.

Short history

The first mention of this spa town and its special mineral spring comes from early 16th century. The name to this spa was given by the owner Prince Konstantin from Lowenstein.

Places of interest

The spa town has recently opened a new wellness centre called Konstantin. It is equipped with modern swimming pool, aromatherapy baths, sauna and massage rooms. It is opened daily from 10am till 9pm.

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