Kostelec u Zlína

Kostelec u Zlína
Kostelec u Zlína Kostelec u Zlína Kostelec u Zlína Kostelec u Zlína Kostelec u Zlína

Kostelec u Zlína is situated in the Zlín Region, just 6 kilometres far from Zlín, the region’s capital. This East Moravian spa town has a population of about 1800 people.

Spa description

In 1994, Kostelec u Zlína started to provide spa services again. The spa is specialized in the treatment of non-articulatory rheumatism, joint, back and cervical spine pain, and other conditions. Local mineral water contains a considerable amount of hydrogen sulfide, which makes it beneficial for patients with skin diseases. Since 1997, conditions like psoriasis, atopic eczema or acne has been treated here. Carbon dioxide and sulphur baths are the most widely used treatments, but the treatments provided by the spa also include paraffin or peat wraps, compresses, carbon dioxide dry baths, different kinds of massages, light therapy, electrotherapy and rehabilitation.

Short history

The beginnings of this spa date back to the year 1742, when it was founded by Austrian aristrocrat Seilern Aspang. Later on, doctors from Vienna confirmed that the water from local springs has healing effects on the body and the spa started to be built. For a long time, only nobility was treated here. 

In the 20th century, the spa was not flourishing any more. During WWII it was severely damaged and after the events of 1948, it was put under state control and nobody was interested in running it. In 1954, a state owned enterprise called Vítkovice bought the complex, which was, subsequently, rebuild into an accommodation facility. Spa in Kostelec u Zlína ceased to exist.

Everything changed in 1994. The complex was bought by Zlínsat company, which renewed the spa.

Places of interest

In the vast grounds of the spa, you can play golf on a beautiful course, the only one in the vicinity of Zlín. The golf course has nine holes, five indoor tees and a completely new driving range with fifteen modern tees. There is also a golf club for 60 people.

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