Kundratice spa, with population over 480 people, lies in the north of the country, in the Liberec Region, only 21 kilometres far from its centre Liberec.

Spa description

Kundratice spa profits from a favorable local climate, because, thanks to its position in Ještědský Hrbet, the mountains protect it from cold northeast winds. The spa is situated in a beautiful area covered with pine forests, groves, meadows and fish ponds.

Kundratice spa offers many different kinds of treatments for the patients suffering from the following diseases and conditions: arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, functional disorders of the spine, Bechterew’s disease, muscular rheumatism, spondilosis, spondilarthrosis, chronic spinal disc problems including post-operative conditions after spinal disc surgery, movement disorders, muscle, sinew and facsia diseases of inflammatory or toxic origin and post-injury conditions. Apart from these, the spa in Kundratice also successfully treats hypertension and related conditions, gout, lower limb ischemia and diabetes.

Short history

Being established in the second half of the nineteenth century, in 1881, Kundratice is one of the oldest spas in the Czech Republic. Peat has been used here for healing purposes since the very beginning.  

The spa was founded by a local businessman Josef Schwan. At first, only a small cosy house with two bathtubs for peat baths was built near the moorland. Schwan’s son expanded the business and set up a peat spa.

Places of interest

Curative peat of the area, which contains sulphur and iron, is used for peat bath, the most important treatment of the spa, which is usually supplemented by different kinds of massages. You can also book additional treatments such as bubble baths, lemon balm or dwarf pine baths, juniper and calmonal baths, hydrotherapy and many others including cryotherapy, chiropractic and pneumoacupuncture. 

Lately, modern treatments with the use of laser, biolamp and shock wave were introduced. The spa provides urgent care for out-patients from the area. There is also an out-patient orthopaedist’s office.

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