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Kynžvart spa is situated in the western part of the country, in Karlovy Vary Region. This spa town, with population of something over 1500 people, is about 46 kilometres far from Karlovy Vary, the region’s capital.

Spa description

Kynžvart spa lies in the middle of beautiful nature of Slavkovský Forest. It is one of few spas for children in the Czech Republic. Kynžvart spa is specialized in the treatment of respiratory diseases, but little patients with diseases of kidneys and urinary tract are cared for here, too. Kynžvart also provides spa treatment for obese children and youth.

Mineral water from local springs is the main natural resource used in the spa treatment. This water is acidulous, similarly to the water from many other springs in the area of Mariánske Lázne. These share a common underground source of carbon dioxide, the gas which makes the water taste slightly sour. The four principal springs in Kynžvart are called Viktor, Richard, Helena and Marie. At the moment, only the former three are being used for curative purposes.  

Short history

The initiative to found the spa came from the Metternich family. The local springs have been used since 1822. For a long time, only adults were treated here. This changed in 1950, when, during a whooping cough epidemic, a stay in Kynžvart spa proved to be good for little patients with respiratory diseases.

Places of interest

The spa has a total capacity of 355 beds. The six spa houses provide not only treatments covered by health insurance, but also private patients’ care. Younger children can be accompanied by a parent during their stay in the spa. Parents of older children can stay too, as long as they pay for their expenses. However, the presence of a parent is not necessary. Children have everything they need and there are many activities for them to do in their free time.

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