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The spa is located in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic. Its destination from the regional city Brno is around 57km and the population is 2,300 people.

Spa description

Lednice spa is located in the beautiful area of southern Moravia. It lies just in the middle of the magnificent Lednice-Valtice, which is a part of the World Heritage - UNESCO. Spa Lednice provides its clients with medical and rehabilitation services. It uses the natural powers of bromine-iodine mineral water, which is particularly beneficial for muscular and circular system, neurological diseases or gynaecological problems but also for dealing with minor body burns.

The spa also offers its patients cryotherapy, which is a four day stay witch includes a bromine-iodine bath, classic massage, peloid wrap, point massage and, of course, cryoroom treatment.

Short history

Lednice is one of the newest spas in the Czech Republic. It was only opened in 2007 and its capacity is 76 beds. The spa complex consists of the main spa building called Perla (Pearl), a restaurant, a cafe with an outdoor terrace, a gym, a sauna and a spacious meeting room for forty people.

Places of interest

Only few minutes away from the spa is one of the most beautiful and largest castles in the Czech republic. It is called Lednice. Also worth visiting is a large park which surrounds the whole neo-gothic castle. Furthermore, you can also visit many monuments which are part of the Lednice-Valtice area. These are the Pond Lodge, Hunting Lodge, Appolon Temple, Broder castle, Three Graces, John castle, Reistna Colonnade, Obelisk and Belvedere.

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