Libverda spa is located in Liberec region, which lies in the northwestern part of the Czech republic. Its distance from the regional city Liberec is 26km and the population is over 400 people.

Spa description

The spa is mainly focused on people who suffer from muscular dystrophy, heart and circulatory problems. The local healing water is used as mineral-dioxide baths or drinking cures.

The spa town also issues monthly magazine called Libverdska Spring. It has plenty of interesting information and articles not only about the spa town.

Short history

The local magnesium bicarbonate spring have been known since the 14th century. Since this time there were many famous and important people being treated here such as Saxon Elector Augustus or Albrecht von Wallenstein.

The biggest growth of this spa was during the Christian  Philip time. In 1760 he had the very first spa building built. The most important building called Trakteurhaus was built in 1779 and it was two-story dining house with 28 rooms for guests. Another important year for this spa is 1936 when the Libverdska spa is given status of  „Healing Spa“.

Places of interest

The spa area is suitable not only for resting and relaxing but also for sport activities. There is wellness called Jizera and also wonderful rehabilitation pool, which is located directly on the colonnade.

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