Luhačovice Luhačovice Luhačovice Luhačovice Luhačovice Luhačovice Luhačovice Luhačovice

This spa town is located in Zlin region which lies in the eastern part of Czech Republic. The population is around 5,000 people.

Spa description

Luhačovice spa is situated in the beautiful valley of the river, Stavnice, and it is also surrounded by many wooded hills. It is the largest Moravian spa and its distance from the county town Zlin is 21km. A big bonus for this spa is not only the beautiful surrounding countryside, but also the original architecture and structures of the spa buildings. Many of these buildings were designed by famous Slovak architect, Dusan Jurkovic.

The basic source of healing in Luhačovice spa are mineral springs, which are considered to be one of the most effective sources in Europe. At the moment there are 16 mineral springs here. The best known are Vincentka, Ottovka, Aloiska and Dr. Stastny (Happy). In particular, Luhačovice spa treats respiratory diseases, diabetes, digestive and musculoskeletal diseases.


Short history

The spa establishment is connected with Serenyova noble family which owned the local healing springs between 1630 – 1945. There are a few springs which were named after some members of this family. For example, Bublava was named after burrows Ondrej and Vincentka was named by burrows Vincent in 1860.

Over time Luhačovice springs became well-known, so many visitors come here every year.

The local accommodation and therapeutic hotels could not keep with the capacity, so at the end of 18th century Luhačovice town decided to build further accommodation such as Manor house, Country house, Vincent house and Chapel of St. Elizabeth.

Places of interest

The Luhačovice centre is very close by the spa complex. It offers wide range of activities and entertainment.

There is a swimming pool, tennis courts  and you can play mini-golf. Animal lovers can enjoy horseriding and people who like walking will admire the peaceful parks.

Dam is located not far from the city centre, where you can rent a boat or go fishing.

In the city, you will find many good restaurants, cafes and little shops where you can buy traditional spa biscuits sold in many flavours.

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