Mariánske Lázně

Mariánske Lázně
Mariánske Lázně Mariánske Lázně Mariánske Lázně Mariánske Lázně Mariánske Lázně

The spa town Mariánske Lázně is located in the county of Cheb which belongs to Karlovy Vary region. The population of this town is around 15,000 people.

Spa description

Mariánske Lázně is a part of  “West Bohemian triangle”. The town is world famous for its brilliant healing results and the natural medical resources, but also for its magnificent and beautiful panorama. Mariánske Lázně is spread over a charming valley which is rising into Slavkov Forest. This spa town has the most medical springs, you can find 40 of them just in the core centre! Another interesting point is the dry springs which produce CO2. The healing process is based on usage of  bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium-iron rich mineral water and bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium mineral water. The solution can be drunk or used as a therapeutic bath.

Other natural resources are a natural gas, natural minerals and the pleasant climate. With a very high success you can treat kidney and urinary illnesses here as well as respiratory, neurological and muscular dystrophy.

At the moment, the capacity of the spa building is 1500 beds.

Short history

Mariánske Lázně has a very rich history. It became a spa town in 1818. There were many famous and very important people treated here, such as Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Richard Wagner, Sergej Ivanovic Turgenev and many more. One of the most famous people who had visited Mariánske Lázně continuously was British King Edward VII.

Places of interest

Without a doubt, the prettiest colonnade in the town is “Colonnade with Crossed Spring”. One of the main attractions in the town is “Singing Fountain” which has been in use since 1986. It plays 8 different pieces of beautiful music from famous composers such as Verdi, Vangelise and Beethoven. All this can be experienced every two hours from May till October.

You can also find a little cosy theatre and town museum in Mariánske Lázně. Another culture attraction is “Chopin’s Music Festival” which has been running every single year.

Furthermore, you can be involved in other various, unusual activities. One of them is the famous “Mariánske Lázně quiz festival” which is being held every July and you can win a trophy for solving crosswords, puzzles etc. Another fun activity is “ A Pocket full of stories” which is based on open-air performances. All the plays are suitable for children from 3 to 15 years old and this attraction is usually held every July also.

The Autumn period is a good opportunity for everyone who is interested in folklore as Mariánske Lázně holds an International Folklore Festival called “Mariánsky podzim”.

Mariánske Lázně also gives you the opportunity to see magnificent nature and landscapes. There are plenty of  delightful parks which are ideal for romantic evening walks. Most of these parks have been designed by a talented Czech garden architect Václav Skalník.

Golf lovers would admire the impressive Royal Golf Club which is 6135 meters long with 18 putting holes.

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