This spa town is located in the Usti region, which lies in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic. The destination between Mšené town and the county town Usti nad Labem is 47km. The population of this North Bohemian spa town is over 1,600 people.

Spa description

Mšené has recently undertook a major reconstruction, so the whole spa complex looks like new. The resort consists of seven renovated bathhouses which will offer you professional service for your physical and also spiritual health. This beautiful and very cozy spa is mainly orientated in treating the muscular dystrophy. The local remedies are drown from local moors and springs which are rich of natural mineral water. The healing procedures consists of mud wraps, baths, underwater massages, whirlpool baths, paraffin baths, Scottish showers, electrotherapy, reflexology, gas injection and therapeutic gymnastics.

Short history

History of this spa town dates back to the 18th century. The local mineral water bubbled up in the vicinty of local lodge and the noble pheasant. In 1970 this town was visited by aristocrat Franz Pavikovsky who had a serious stomach problems. When he drank some of the local water his pain significantly eased. This story gave cause for the contraction of the spa, which was then founded in 1796.

Interesting facts

The healing treatments are based on using the power from plants and herbs. You can also purchase some of herbal baths salts which will help to give your body the strength and energy. From the wide variety of herbal baths you can get for example restorative bath, stimulating or relaxing bath.

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