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Poděbrady town is located in the Central Region in the district of Nymburk. The population of this spa town is 13,000 people.

Spa description

Spa Poděbrady focuses mainly on treating the heart diseases and diabetes problems. Drinking the very famous mineral water Poděbradka along with all the spa treatments, have a very positive impact on the functioning of the human body. The main attraction of Poděbrady spa are carbonated baths, which thanks to the chemical action of CO2, have beneficial effects on expansion of peripheral blood vessels. Poděbrady is also very successful in treating musculoskeletal diseases for which paraffin wraps are used.

All the spa treatments are available in the local spa hotel called Felicitas. This hotel also offers a special balneorehabilitation centre which provides massages, spa baths and lymphatic drainage.

Short history

The first mention of the spa was written in the 17th century, when it was established as the „Iron Spa“. The iron word in the title has been used thanks to the local spring which consisted of plenty of good quality iron water. However, the spirited and busy spa life at Poděbrady begins in 20th century, when another mineral water spring was discovered. This happened in 1905 when the people carrying out local research found out that the spring had excellent healing properties which became a strong impetus for the development of the local spa.

Places of interest

Tha Spa Poděbrady is not just a cure for spa treatments, but also aids a healthy and fresh local environment. The entire spa area is literally hidden in the large parks, which offer peace and fresh air. The surroundings are very beautiful thanks to forests and green valleys.

The flat countryside means that is not too demanding for hiking, short cycling or in-line skating. Another activities include horseriding or playing golf at a lovely eighteen-hole golf ground.

After all the sport you can return to the Felicitas hotel where you there is a  the beauty salon and modern wellness. At the end of the day you can relax on the beautiful summer terrace and try out an extensive range of food specialities and Moravian wines of the finest quality.

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