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Skalka spa is situated in the Olomouc region, which lies in the eastern partn of the country. This Moravian spa town with population of over 250 people is only 19 kilometres far from the region’s capital Olomouc.

Spa description

The spa in Skalka specializes in the treatment of bones, muscles and joints. It is a very cosy spa, situated in the middle of nature, just 8 kilometres far from Prostějov. The mineral waters of the area contain sylvine, which makes them quite unique. These waters are used both in drinking therapy and hydrotherapy. The treatments are helpful not only to patients with bone, muscle and joint diseases, but also to those suffering from rheumatism.  

Short history

As the spa was founded in 1928 by Vilém Sonevend from Prostějov, it is almost one hundred years old. A fish-pond called Bařisko fed by two mineral water springs used to be in the area, where the spa was built. The water here is sulfurous and alkaline.  Ten years later, in 1938, while doing a research on local springs, doctor Schanbal discovered an artesian spring with the temperature of 23°C, which is another important event in the spa’s history.

Places of interest

There are several mineral springs in the spa. One of them, called Svatopluk is used very effectively in the treatment of acid stomach, other stomach diseases and peptic ulcers.

On the other hand, the water from the Spring of Cyril and Metoděj is not only beneficial to patients with large intestinal inflammation, but is good for one’s liver too, especially in case of beginning cirrhosis. The two springs are drilled. In 1998, they were proclaimed natural healing resources by the Ministry of Health.  

There are two more healing springs in Skalka – Jan and Julinka. There is no need to drill them, the water reaches the surface by itself. While water from Jan is used in the treatment of bronchitis or hypertension, water from Julinka has diuretic effects and is, therefore, beneficial to people with kidney inflammation or with urinary sand or stones. It is also recommended to patient suffering from diabetes.

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