Svatá Kateřina

Svatá Kateřina
Svatá Kateřina Svatá Kateřina Svatá Kateřina Svatá Kateřina Svatá Kateřina

Svatá Kateřina lies near the village of Počátky in the Vysočina region, which is situated in the southern part of the country. The spa is just 36 kilometres far from the region’s capital Jihlava.

Spa description

Svatá Kateřina is not a typical spa but it is a great place to rest and relax. The spa specializes in healthy lifestyle and weight reduction.  

In Svatá Kateřina a professional team will take care of you and give you some useful advice on how to reach your ideal weight. Moreover, the experts in the spa work with modern equipment which is used both in diagnostics and the process of losing weight. In the spa, the patients devote most of their time to sports and active exercise. The staff can recommend you something from the wide choice of activities including walking, running, riding a bike, tennis, golf, badminton, meditation or yoga.

Short history

The first written evidence of this spa dates back to the 16th century. It said that water from the local spring cured the two daughters of the Lord of Leskovce – Markéta and Katerina. Because of its quality and healing effects, the water from Svatá Kateřina was often carried all to way to the castle in Jindrichův Hradec. The spa gained on popularity in the 18th century.

Antonín Čapek, the father of the famous Čapek brohters, worked as a doctor in here in 1909.  During WWI, the spa was destroyed by fire never to be restored to its previous state. Until 2006, there was a sanatorium for children in Svatá Kateřina, which was later rebuilt into the present day wellness centre.

Places of interest

All in all, there are 79 double rooms in Svatá Kateřina. All of them are located in three hotels: Svatá Kateřina, Garrison and Gymnasion.

In Gymnasion hotel you can find a dietetic center with Inbody 720 body composition analyser, five gyms, a cardiofitness, a sunny meadow, an indoor cycling hall, beauty salon, manicure, pedicure and massage boxes Mykény, Sparta, Atény and Trója. In the Garrison hotel, you can shop at Sport Republic, the store, which offers sport clothing, toiletries, cosmetics or even golf equipment.

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