This spa town is located in the Usti region, which lies in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic. The distance from the county town Usti nad Labem is 22 km and the population is over 50,000 people.

Spa description

Teplice spa is one of the oldest spas in the Czech republic. The local springs have been operating since 12th century and the Teplice town has been rapidly developing only thanks to the local spa complex. The unknown Teplice became very famous mainly because of the local healing springs and was visited by famous monarchs, diplomats and artists. Even nowadays is Teplice spa in high demand. The complex consists of splendid spa houses with superior care and services. The care is provided in four bath-houses which are called Imperial Baths, Beethoven, Stone Spa and New Spa. The total capacity is 683 beds. This spa is mainly orientated in treating muscular dystrophy,  mental illness, nervous and vascular diseases.

Short history

The spa has been in operation since 12th century. The prime large reconstruction is beginning in early 16th century, when first proper spahouse is built. The largest expansion of the local spa begins in the second half of the 18th century, when Teplice became associated with Clary-Aldringen destiny. During this period the spa was visited by many famous people such as Tsar Peter I. or a the philosopher G.W. Leibnitz.

Places of interest

The spa complex also consists of Imperial Spa Clinic which provides very modern equipment and superiour services. If you are interested you can have your overall health status checked in just couple of hours.

Furthermore; you can also attend so-called Beauty programs where you gain expert advice on how to dress and change your appearance according to the type of your character.

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