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Toušeň, with population about 1200 people, is a small spa town situated in the Central Bohemia Region, which covers the central part of the Czech Republic. Toušeň is just about 30 kilometres far from the region’s capital Praha.

Spa description

Toušeň spa lies on the left bank of the Labe River, approximately five kilometres far from the historical town of Brandýs nad Labem. The spa offers treatments, accommodation and food – everything under one roof, so the guests do not have to walk around much. The spa focuses on the treatment of spine, joint and muscle diseases. Toušeň spa is aiming to provide quality treatments on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge in the field of medicine. Our experienced and highly professional team has achieved excellent results in the treatment of bone, muscle and joint diseases, especially arthrosis and Bechterew’s disease.

Short history

The history of Toušeň spa begins at the end of the 19th century. The spa was founded by Jan Kralín in 1868. At first, only the source of ferric mineral water was used for medical purposes. Then, peat baths were added to the list of treatments provided in the spa. Later on, whirlpool baths were introduced to help the patient with diseases of bones, muscles, joints and the spine. However, a stay in Toušeň spa is not suitable for people with heart disease or epilepsy. 

Places of interest

Apart from mud baths, the spa offers other treatments such as cryotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, bubble baths and different kinds of massages. The guests are accommodated in nice and cosy rooms or spacious suites. They can also use the services of a nice cafe and a quality dining hall, which also provides diet food.  

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