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This spa town is located in the southern part of the Czech Republic. The destination from the regional city Ceske Budejovice is 22km and its population is around 8,500 people.

Spa description

The main healing treatment in this spa is based on using peat. The origin of the peat is based on organic cattail, sedge and reed plants. The non-organic parts are  iron and suphur. The connection of the organic and non-organic type of the peat causes the accumulating ability to hold a heat. The basic effect of this slurry is based on gradual and uniform heating of the whole human body. It also has a very beneficial effect on the skin and overall immunity.

The slurry is used either as baths or wraps and the treatments help to heal mobility problems. Wraps are causing a substantial reduction in muscle tension, pain relief, improve blood circulation and fastensts the whole recovery of human body. This type of treatment is very well tolerated and has no side effects. To achieve the full effect it is ideal to undergo a series of six to nine mud procedures. Individual sessions should be repeated every other day with maximum 3 sessions per week.

Short history

Třeboň spa is recognized for its large peats reserves. The spa tradition dates back to the Middle Ages when it was firtly accessible by public. The modern history of this spa begins in 19th century by opening a new spa building. In 1975 yet another building is opened, called Spa Aurora, which was suitable for treating muscular dystrophy and rheumatism.

Interests of spa

In addition, this spa offers mud baths and wraps; carbonated and mineral bubble baths. The spa complex is equipped with sauna, baths and Scottish showers.

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