This spa town is located in Hradec Kralove region, which lies in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. Its distance from the regional city Hradec Kralove is 24km and the population of the city is over 700 people.

Spa description

The main building in the spa complex is called Masaryk’s House and it is the only place where you can get bolneo services. The whole spa complex consits of another six spa villas, which are called Home, Moravia, Slovak, Bohemia, Winter and Still Life.

The local spa specializes in treating the muscular dystrophy, the bones and joins diseases, including joint replacement. The spa co-operates closely with orthopaedic experts from all over Czech Republic.

The unique consistency of the local thick mud is the reason for the excellent reputation of this spa. The soil consists of chalk moor which is the only type we can find in the whole of the Czech Republic.

Short History

The foundation of the spa dates back to 1897, when the construction of the first spa buildings was opened. The very first spa season was launched in 1898. After the First World War, the spa started to get very busy therefore it was decided to expand it. In 1920, the area expanded with another main building followed by residential buildings, parks and swimming pool. A great event for this spa resort was therapeutic stay of Czechoslovakian president T.G. Masaryk after whom the main spa building was renamed as Masaryk’s House.

Places of interest

The spa is the perfect place for active days or just for relaxation. Besides all the spa activities, visitors can also use local hairdressers, cosmetics, pedicure, manicure, library and plenty more. For those who enjoy sport, they can do either mountain biking or skittles. For leisure, people can attend various culture programmes or take bus tours to surrounding areas.

The extensive local sport centre is located just about 800 metres from the spa centre. It consists of a sauna, gym, tennis and squash courts, bowling and golf.

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