Velké Losiny

Velké Losiny
Velké Losiny Velké Losiny Velké Losiny Velké Losiny Velké Losiny Velké Losiny Velké Losiny Velké Losiny Velké Losiny Velké Losiny

Losiny lies in the Olomouc region, which is situated in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. Currently, this small Moravian town has over 2,800 inhabitants.

Spa description

Spa Losiny has a long tradition and is one of the oldest Moravian spas. The local thermal springs have a very beneficial impact especially on the musculoskeletal system but also nervous system and skin diseases. The skin diseases which are primary treated here are eczema and psoriasis.
The temperature of the local thermal springs is around 36 degrees Celsius. The whole spa complex consists of four buildings; the main hotel Elizabeth, spa villa Gazarka, sanatorium Sarka and bathhouse Chaloupka. The complex also includes a modern spa hotel Diana in which you can expect professional services. There are 5 mineral springs in Velké Losiny. The structure of the water mainly contains sulfur akratotermy. Water composition of all five sources is identical, so that all springs have a common origin. The most important element in the local water is hydrosulphide HS in quantities of 4.507 mg/l. Such amount of hydrosulfide in hulphurous water ranks this spa town as best quality spa in the Czech Republic.

Short history

History of Losiny is connected to an old legend, which says that finding the local sources was done by a farmer and his old horse. Farmer chucked his old horse out of his farm. The horse was wandering around until he became very weak and fell into a wide ditch full of water. Because of his tiredness it didn’t have any strength to get out of the pit so it was lying in the water for three whole days. Not only the horse didn’t die but all its wounds were heeled. So the horse recovered and returned to the farm. However; according to historical documents, the formation of this spa was due to John junior from Žerotín. He bought the estate in 1496 and in the sixteenth century, built the first wooden spa building.

Places of interest

In the town centre you can find interesting Paper Museum, which is part of a unique Handmade paper factory. This exhibition presents the particular historical development and tradition of the old stationery crafts. However, you will also find the beginnings of modern industrial paper production in the Czech and Moravian lands.
Besides the interesting Paper Museum there is also a very beautiful castle close by. It is called Velké Losiny. Most of the castle interiors are decorated in the late Renaissance style and you can also see here the banqueting hall or hall with portraits of Zerotin’s family. The chateau picture gallery hangs a large collection of paintings by Italian, Dutch and Flemish painters. Another wonderful collection is a great collection of old weapons.

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