Bad Gandersheim

Bad Gandersheim

Spa town Bad Gandersheim is situated in Lower Saxony, in the north western part of Germany. Bad Gandersheim is 75 kilometres far from Hannover, the capitol of German state Lower Saxony. At the present time Bad Gandersheim has population of over 10,200 citizens.

Spa description

Spa town Bad Gandersheim uses its salt water springs for medical treatment. Local spa resorts are specialized mainly in treatment of rheumatism, gynaecological, children and respiratory diseases. Salt springs help very well to get rid of phlegm from yours respiratory system.

In spa town Bad Gandersheim you can go through not only spa treatment, but you can also relax and spend your free time there. Physical activities and relaxation combined with fresh air have beneficial effect on human psychology. The stay in spa is recommended to everybody who is overworked and can´t relax at home.

Short history

The first building in the town was Benedictine monastery Gandersheim, which was built in 852 AD. In 990 the town was given right to mint coins and impose taxes. In 1878, thanks to exploration of salt spring they founded here a salt spa, which has remained open to this time. Since 1932 the town is allowed to use word “Bad” in its name.

Places of interest

Most import and oldest sight in this area is beautiful Gandersheim Abbey, which has two towers on westwork and marvellous hall crypt. Other important sights of Bad Gandersheim are picturesque half-timbered houses, the town hall from 16th century and gothic monastic church built in 14th-15th century. If you want to take nice walking trip around the Bad Gandersheim you can go to the huge, several hundred years old oak tree.

Spa town Bad Gandersheim is situated near A7 highway and has good railway connection with Braunschweig.

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