Bad Kissingen

Bad Kissingen

Spa Bad Kissingen is situated in the federal state of Bavaria in the south-eastern part of Germany. Spa Bad Kissingen lies 320 kilometres far from Munich, the capital of this federal state. At the moment, the spa town of Kissingen has a population of more than 20 900 people.

Spa description

Spa Bad Kissingen belongs to the most well-known and the biggest spas in the federal state of Bavaria. The spa is situated in the picturesque and charming area of the Central Germany on the Saale river. Würzburg (60 km) a Nuremberk (130 km) are the closest bigger cities. If you are going to the spa by car from Prague, the ride will take about four to five hours.

The spa boasts its beautiful park and a big spa centre. Here, you can find the biggest colonnade in Europe, where you can go for a walk every day to strengthen your health.

Kiss Salin, a big thermal spa (Thermalbad) is a very modern and the most attractive part of the spa. There is more than 1000 square metres of both outside and inside pools. In the big complex, you can also find excellent steam baths, saunas and other facilities providing a wide range of wellness services.

Spa Bad Kissingen specializes in the treatment of metabolical disorders, inner organs diseases, circulatory system diseases, gyneacological diseases and spine and joint problems. The spa offers many kinds of treatments and peat wraps are particularly popular with the clients. They are good for patients suffering from rheumatism. The warmth created by the wrap penetrates deep into the muscles and inner organs of the human body. Apart from standard stays, many people come to Bad Kissingen for a shorter time just to take a break and relax.

Short history

The history of the town started in the ninth century. At the time, the hot springs were already being used for curative purposes. The earliest written evidence of Bad Kissingen as a real town dates back to 1279. However, the spa started to flourish in the 19th century, when it started to provide peat wraps.

Places of interest

In the beautiful historical town centre, there is a calm pedestrian precinct with a great number of quality restaurants and coffee shops. In this part of the town, you can also find some beautiful historical buildings, the town theatre and the casino.

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