Bad Mergentheim

Bad Mergentheim

Bad Mergentheim Spa is located in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg (southwestern part of Germany). Bad Mergentheim Spa is 115 km away from the capital city of Stuttgart. Currently, the spa town of Bad Mergentheim has over 22,000 inhabitants.

Spa description

Bad Mergentheim lies in delightful location on the river Tauber. The local metabolic spa has four available therapeutic springs. Examples include Charles Spring and Albert Spring. The water is rich in carbonic acid.

The local mineral springs are used for drinking, bathing and balneotherapy. The spa also offers beautiful colonnade, which can be used for walking and relaxing in the fresh air.

Short history

Bad Mergentheim Spa boasts about the fact that in the years 1527 to 1809 it housed the Grand Masters of Hospital Brotherhood, which was founded in 1190. Teutonic Knights were at the time extremely powerful and gradually spread to Prussia, Pomerania and East and to places near the Polish city of Gdansk. Although this order was abolished in 1809 by Napoleon the Emperor, it slightly continues to this day and is headquartered in Vienna.

Places of interest

The main attractions of the city include former Hohenlohe castle, which was built in the 12th century. The castle was then rebuilt into a Renaissance chateau and baroque-rococo church. Inside the church you will see the ceiling fresco by Nicolaus Stuber. The castle is now a Deutschordernsmuseum museum that, in engaging and attractive way, illuminates the history of the Teutonic Knights. Other religious monument standing in Bad Mergentheim is a parish church, located in Stuppach district. Inside the church you will see Madonna of Stuppach – a masterpiece by Grunewald (16th century).

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