Bad Saulgau

Bad Saulgau

Spa town Bad Saulgau is situated in Baden-Württemberg, a region which can be found in south-western Germany. Spa town Bad Saulgau is 113 kilometres far from Stuttgart, the capitol of Baden-Württemberg. At the present time Bad Saulgau has population of over 17,300 citizens.

Spa description

Spa town Bad Saulgau is situated at the altitude of 600 metres above sea level. The town is situated in Swabia, between the river Danube and Lake Constance.

In spa town of Bad Saulgau there is a spa resort called Sonnenhof-Therme. Sonnenhof-Therme has indoor and outdoor pools. Temperature of water in the indoor pool is 35 degrees of Celsius. The temperature of the water in outdoor pools differs from 28 to 36 degrees of Celsius, depending on the zone. The temperature in saunas varies from 75 to 95 degrees of Celsius. Entrance fee for adults is 7.5 EUR for 2 hours. Spa resort is opened every day from 8 AM to 10 PM. Saunas and wellness centre is also a part of the spa resort. The whole modern complex of pools can be found at No. 1 Am Schönen Moos Street.

If you don´t want to take a bath or sauna, you can take a calm walk in a pleasant park called Kurgarten.

Short history

The first information about settlement in this area comes from year 819 AD. The best times for the town were during the medieval period, when it belonged to the Holy Roman Empire. The word "Bad" is being used only since 2000.

Places of interest

Spa town Bad Saulgau is worth visiting. This region is an ideal place especially for hiking or cycling trips. Splendid paths for cycling and well marked hiking trails make this region even more attractive. During sunny and hot days you can go swimming in one of the many natural and clean lakes in the surroundings of the town. Famous Lake Constance is also situated near the town and offers a lot of possibilities for many water-sport activities.

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