Bad Wörishofen

Bad Wörishofen

Spa town Bad Wörishofen is situated in Bavaria, in the south-eastern part of Germany. Spa town Bad Wörishofen is 83 kilometres far from Munich, the capitol of Bavaria. At the present time spa town has a population of over 14,300 citizens.

Spa description

Bad Wörishofen is situated about 40 minutes away from Munich, near the A96 highway.

Spa town Bad Wörishofen has thermal and sauna sections. A special aqua park with slide is available for your children. The thermal paradise offers a curing water from the depth of 1,100 meters. The water is especially suitable for treatment of the osteoporosis and locomotive system disorders. You can use the curing effect of local water for rehabilitation after injuries or joint surgery.

Short history

The first information about Wörishofen dates back to the year 1067. Water therapy is used since the 19th century. The inventor of the water therapy was a catholic priest Sebastian Kneipp, who lived here for 42 years. Kneipp´s water therapy is still used by many spa hotels and pensions until now.

Places of interest

In spa town Bad Wörishofen you can find brilliant mineralised pools including the pool with the water of the same composition as the water in Dead Sea in Israel. You will appreciate a tropical atmosphere of local spa resort including outdoor pools with pleasant streams and bubbling nooks. Local sauna paradise is worth visiting. Comfortable beds can be be found in cosy places under the palm trees. You can choose between ten types of sauna. Here we can recommend a sauna programme called "Aufguss". The programme allows visitors to enjoy a small art performance in each sauna.

In the spa resort you can found magnificent rock waterfalls, outdoor and indoor pools with a cocktail bar and ever-present bubbling whirlpools.

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