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Spa town Bük is situated in Vas province, in western part of Hungary, near the border with Austria. Spa town is situated 26 kilometres far from Szombathely, the capitol of Vas province. At the present time Bük has a population of over 3,200 citizens.

Spa description

Spa town Bük is one of the newest and most modern Hungarian spa resorts.

At the present time Bük is a large recreation and spa centre with 26 pools covering an area of 14 hectare. Curing water from thermal springs has a temperature up to 58 degrees of Celsius. However, the temperature of water in thermal pools is about 37 degrees. If you prefer colder water you can use pools which have a temperature of 27 degrees of Celsius. It is important to not spend too much time in the water. For the first time it is recommended to spend there about thirty minutes. The wall clock is above the pool, so that you can check the time easily. After bath it is good to take a shower and wash off the thermal brown salt.

The water is muddy and non-transparent, but it has a neutral smell. This curing water contains mainly sulphur, iron and fluoride. The water has a wide range of use. For example, it is used for balneological therapy for the treatment of locomotive system, backbone diseases and post-injury care. Inhalation of the water is good for treatment of the respiratory diseases. The water also helps as a drinking cure for digestion problems.

Short history

In the end of fifties of the last century they found curing water in Bük. It was found accidentally when the oil company was looking for the oil. The first curing water pool was opened in 1962. Since then it is becoming bigger and bigger and nowadays it is one of the biggest spa resort in Hungary.

Places of interest

In the large spa complex you can find different types of massages, lymphatic drainage, reflexive foot massage, sauna, steam bath, whirlpool bath, pedicure a tanning salon.

Pleasant village Bük offers not only spa services but also a lot of possibilities for sport. In the town you can find a golf course and amusing centres. Accommodation is also very good. There is a wide range of accommodation service, you can choose between five-star hotel, quality family pensions and cheap campsites.

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