Spa town Balatonfured is situated in Veszprem province, in the western part of Hungary, near Lake Balaton. Spa town Balatonfured is situated 18 kilometres far from Veszprem, the capitol of Veszprem province. At the present time Balatonfured has a population of over 13,500 citizens.

Spa description

In thermal spa resort Balatonfured there are eight curing springs. The water has regenerating and strengthening effect. It is slightly radioactive with carbonic and acid taste. Water is also rich in minerals and has a temperature of 15 degrees of Celsius. However, the temperature of water in thermal pools moves from 32 to 34 degrees.

In spa Balatonfured the curing water is used for bath. Local water is suitable for treatment of heart and cardiovascular diseases. Spending time in spa will help you to recover after long illness.

Spa resort Balatonfured uses curing water not only for baths, but also for drinking cure. Drinking cure is suitable for patients with gall bladder problems, gastritis, bowel problems and diabetes.

Short history

The curing effect of the local water is known since the 17th century. The spa was founded in 1772.

Places of interest

Spa town Balatonfured offers many types of accommodation. You can choose between three modern hotels, and many private houses, pensions and campgrounds. During the summer you can visit Lake Balaton, which is suitable for many kinds of water activities as windsurfing, sailing and boat trips.

In Balatonfured you can play squash, tennis, mini-golf or bowling. You can take walk around Lake Balaton, there are many tourist paths around it. Worth to visit is Tihanyi peninsula where you can visit an old monastery with crypt, which was built in 1060. From the top of the hill you can enjoy magnificent view of the lake. If you want to visit bigger city, you can go to Veszprem, which has a population of over 64,000 citizens.

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