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Spa town Balf is situated in Gyor-Sopron province, in the western part of Hungary, near the border with Austria and Slovakia. Spa town Balf is situated 80 kilometres far from Gyor, the capitol of Gyor-Sopron province. At the present time spa town has a population of over 950 citizens.

Spa description

Spa resort Balf is located in a small village at the foothills of beautiful Alps, near Lake Ferto. In Balf there are 8 springs, which give 490 litres of water per minute. The water is good mainly for electrotherapy and physiotherapy. It is an acid, salt, sulphur and chalky water.

The water is very suitable for treatment of locomotive system disorder, chronic gynaecological problems, joint and backbone diseases. The water also helps as a drinking cure for digestion problems.

Local sub-alpine climate and deep forests create ideal conditions for calm recreation and treatment. Long distance from big cities also helps patients to rest in peaceful environment. Spa town Balf offers accommodation either in state hospital or in a historical castle, which was recently reconstructed to luxurious spa hotel.

Short history

Local curing springs were known even in the ancient times. Roman military leader Marcus Aurelius was sending his retired soldier here to recover from war.

Places of interest

The surroundings of the spa town Balf offer many natural and historic attractive places. For your first trip we can recommend limestone quarry in Fertorakos, where you can see interesting rock formations. Opera scene is opened during the summer.

Another tip for your trip is a castle of Esterhazy family in Fertod. Then you can visit Sopron, where you can see remains of medieval city. There is also an interesting Gothic church from the 14th century. Here you can see a fresco from year 1779 made by well-known Austrian artist Dorffmeister.

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